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Manual J, Residential Load Calculations, 7th ed

Residential Load Calculation With step-by-step examples, Manual J shows you how to calculate the heating and cooling loads of single-family detached homes, mobile homes, condos, townhouses and apartment buildings. 38 figures and 16 tables cover all the standard residential construction methods. (126 pages) Topics include: – Basic principles of heat transfer, R-values, U-values, and heat transfer multipliers – A step-by-step example of a single-zone, single-family, detached calculation for a whole house and room-by-room. – Sample calculations for multi-zone variable-air-volume systems and multi-zone split-coil systems – Mobile home load calculations – An optional procedure for making leakage area and infiltration CFM calculations on a component-by-component basis (Berkley Model) – Review of the methods used to estimate annual energy consumption and operating cost.


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