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OSHA 29. CFR 1926 for Contractors Highlighted & Tabbed

Occupational Safety & Health Standards for the Construction Industry (OSHA Standards for the Construction Industry), Published by American Safety Training, and updated yearly, Softcover. This single desktop reference provides the full text of OSHA construction industry standards (29 CFR 1926), PLUS cross-referenced general industry standards (29 CFR 1910) wherever applicable, with up-to-date coverage of the complete standards and all amendments. For your convenience, the complete text of each general industry section/appendix immediately follows each cross-reference. Also includes: – Section 1903 regulations on inspections, citations, and proposed penalties; – Revised Section 1904 regulations covering recording and reporting of occupational injuries and illnesses; Section 5(a) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (the “General Duty” clause); Section 1990 carcinogen policy and model standards; and Section 1926.750 Steel Erection Standard (based on final rule 66 CFR 5196). – Excerpts from Section 1990. Throughout the construction standards, there are cross-references to corresponding sections of Part 1910—the general industry standards. For your convenience, the editors of this book have inserted the complete text of each general industry section/ appendix immediately following each cross-reference. All incorporated general industry sections have a green background to differentiate them from the construction industry text. – A finding table for all Part 1910 excerpts follows the Table of Contents. – Recent Amendments. As part of OSHA’s continuing efforts to determine which standards are inconsistent, duplicative, outdated, or in need of being rewritten in plain language, the agency has revised the following standards: Section 1926.200 Signs, Signals and Barricades; and Section 1904, Recording and Reporting Occupational – Injuries and Illnesses.


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