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The Electrical Alarm Contractor Exam Workbook, Tom Henryk

An excellent book to prepare you for the state electrical alarm examination. Many states are now requiring electricians to be tested and licensed prior to installing alarm systems. The difference between general wiring and alarm wiring is open circuits are supervised. This book “Electrical Alarm Contractor” will explain the different types of circuits such as open loop, closed loop, Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, power-limited, nonpower-limited, remote-control, fire protective signaling systems, supervised circuits, non-supervised circuits, etc. This book will also cover OSHA, UL 365 & 681, NFPA 72, 75, 780, and 101, Business Law (consisting of unemployment laws, workers compensation, circular E, Lien laws, Federal labor laws, Chapters 489 Part II, 61G6, and 633, Americans with Disability Act), and More! This is the book to have in preparing for the exam! Includes hundreds of exam questions with answers!


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