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Pipe Welding Procedures

PIPE WELDING PROCEDURES by Hoobasar Rampaul, 1973; Illustrated. Hoobasar Rampaul, drawing on his extensive practical and teaching experience in the field, describes in detail the manipulating procedures used to weld pipe joints. Reinforces the welder’s understanding of procedures with material on heat input and distribution, essentials of shielded metal-arc technology, distortion, pipe welding defects, welding safety, essentials of welding metallurgy, and qualification of the welding procedure and the welder. Emphasizes procedures used to weld both thick-wall and thin-wall pipe by the shielded metal-arc process, and an entire chapter is devoted to root bead welding by the gas tungsten-arc process. Contents include: – Essentials of Shielded Metal-Arc Welding Technology. – Heat Input and Distribution. – Preparation of the Pipe Joint. – Uphill Welding the Root Bead on Heavy-Wall Pipe (5G Position). – Welding the Root Bead by the Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Process. – The Intermediate and Cover Passes. – Welding Thin Wall Pipe. – Horizontal Pipe Welding (2G). – Welding Complicated Pipe Joints. – Introduction to Welding Metallurgy. – Distortion in Pipe Welding. – Pipe Welding Defects. – Fitting-up Pipe. – Qualification of the Welding Procedure and the Welder. – General Welding Safety.


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