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NFPA 59-15: Utility LP-Gas Plant Code, 2015 Edition

Prevent fires and explosions at LP-Gas plants!

The 2015 edition of NFPA 59: Utility LP-Gas Plant Code applies to the design, construction, location, installation, operation and maintenance of refrigerated and non-refrigerated liquefied petroleum gas plants. Coverage of liquefied petroleum gas systems at utility gas plants extends to the point where LP-Gas or a mixture of LP-Gas and air is introduced into the utility distribution system.

Topics covered include:

  • Non-refrigerated containers

  • Refrigerated containers

  • Piping, valves, and equipment

  • Buildings or structures housing LP-Gas distribution facilities

  • Vaporizers, heat exchangers, and gas-air mixers

  • Relief devices

  • Operations

  • Maintenance

  • Fire protection, safety, and security



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