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Manual N, Commercial Load Calculations

Manual N gives you a faster way to estimate heating and cooling loads for small and mid-size commercial structures, a simplified version of the procedure in the ASHRAE GRP 158 Load Calculation Manual. Manual N shows you how to use the Cooling Load Temperature Difference (CLTD) method to estimate heat gain through opaque surfaces and the cooling-load-factor method to estimate solar gains through glass. (120 pages) Topics include: – Basic principles of heat transfer, R-values, U-values, and heat transfer multipliers – Calculating loads for individual structural components, rooms, and zones – Time-of-day calculations – Peak room loads versus peak block loads – Indoor and outdoor design considerations – Sensible and latent internal loads – Wall, roof, ceiling, and partition heat gain and loss – Heat gain and loss from glass, ducts, infiltration, and ventilation – Humidification loads


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