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Daily Field Guide

Organization is the key to any superintendent or project manager’s success. With the Daily Field Guide, you can manage the details to keep each job running smoothly and on schedule. This revised edition now includes a computer disk, so you can easily modify and personalize each form, chart, and checklist.

Use the Daily Field Guide to keep accurate records of jobsite activities, to document what happened during the course of construction, and to schedule trade contractors and suppliers. This concise logbook will help you gather and organize the essential information you need to have on the jobsite, including:

Phone list Projection chart Inspection chart Conversion and formula data Weekly cleanup schedules Weather log Warranty literature package Project log and checklist

Whether you build three custom homes a year or a few hundred production homes, the Daily Field Guide will enable you to have quick access to critical information for each job.

Includes 3.5′ computer disk that contains the checklists formatted as tables in Microsoft Word 97/Windows 95.

Daily Field Guide: A Logbok for Home Builders, 2nd Edition by Tom Hrin


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