Maryland requires Statewide Licensing for Home Improvement, Electrical, HVAC and Plumbing Contractors.
To work as a Commercial Contractor you must register with the city/county in which the company resides. It is advisable to obtain the Maryland Home Improvement License, and then acquire the registration from your city/county. This will allow you to work throughout the state.
To work as a Maryland Residential Builder, you must register with the State Attorney General’s Office, show proof of liability insurance and pay $300.00 in fees. It is advisable to hold a Maryland Home Improvement License prior to applying for a Residential Builders License.
Pre-Approval is required for Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC examinations.
For additional licensing requirements including experience, financial and bonding requirements, exam information, reference books needed, reciprocity and Continuing Education Requirements, please select the appropriate License link below.

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